The Man Behind the Curtain at BFF Urns:

Mike Auger, created BFF Urns from his vision during his time managing the operations of a pet hospice and crematory. While at the pet hospice he learned how important the act of memorializing our pets is to many owners and wanted to create urns that would become an extension of a pet’s personality. 

A man of many talents, it isn't hard to  see how things came together with BFF Urns! Finishing furniture has been Mike’s career, with over 35 years’ experience; and in his spare time, Mike loves to play music. While Mike’s music career has been fruitful, he has found himself finishing drum kits as well. Over time, Mike has become an expert with all that goes into finishing wood products and turned his artistic talent into making the beautiful urns you see today through BFF Urns. 

Mike’s mission is to create an urn to fit the personality of the pet who has gone over the rainbow bridge. Colors and stains, combined and on their own, are made to your specifications. Burning or stenciling a name, a saying, a song lyric are examples of the customizing Mike does. 

 The unique tube style design is Mike’s creation and is meant to be placed near you in subtle fashion while still being a gorgeous memorial to your beloved pet. Our custom colors and finish options can be made to suit your fancy. You can find Mike in his shop most days, concocting more beautiful and creative ideas for urns.

Though the initial start of BFF was to the pet owner, he has expanded to the human market and has made a couple very beautiful urns for some very special people. 

BFF Urns is proud to be able to put Made in America on all of our products. We are a local, family owned, small business and work one-on-one with our customers to help build unique, custom urns.