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Customized Urns To Cherish Your Beloved Fur Baby

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We Are Here To Create Something Meaningful For You; To Memorialize The Special Bond Between You And Your Beloved Pet.

  • Standard Wood Urns

    Our standard wood urns are the classic option to memorialize your fur baby. We have a handful of wood options to mix and match from to make a simply beautiful piece to display!

  • Custom Shape Options

    Don't want the usual urn shape? We have other options for shapes and sizes of urns! Have a certain idea in mind to capture your beloved fur baby? Send us an email and we will try and make your ideas come to life!

  • Custom Paint Options

    Whether you have a favorite color in mind or want a custom ombre job, the options are endless! Don't see specifically what you want? Send us an email and let us make it all come together for you!

Any Questions? Let Us Know!