Best books for when a child loses a pet.

Losing a pet is never easy and when it comes to children, the conversation about death is inevitable. From our experience, we believe the age-appropriate books below can be a great resource for helping families work through their emotions after the devastating loss of a family pet.

Here are seven great books that can help you and your family with coping with the loss of your beloved family pet.

  • The Goodbye Book, by Todd Parr
  • The Rainbow Bridge…A Dog’s Story, by Judith Kristen
  • Dog Heaven and Cat Heaven, by Cynthia Rylant
  • I’ll Always Love You, by Hans Wilhelm
  • For Every Dog An Angel, by Christine Davis
  • Paw Prints in the Stars: A Farewell and Journal for a Beloved Pet, by Warren Hanson
  • The Rainbow Bridge: A Visit to Pet Paradise, by Adrian Raeside

A special message from a recent customer

BFF Urns helped create a beautiful, custom, handmade home for Copper to rest. Every step of the way the owner, Mike, ensured he was getting my vision just right. Their attention to detail is obvious and I could not be happier about how everything came out!

It’s hard enough to say goodbye to your best friend, but they were able to guide me through the process and help me find the perfect resting place for Copper! Thank you!!!

Coppers owner shared this beautiful memorial with us.

What our customers are saying about us

What our customers are saying about us.

Losing a beloved pet is emotionally devastating, so be patient and kind with yourself. Give yourself permission to grieve and know that you’re not alone. When you’re ready, we’re here to listen and create a way to honor the legacy of your pet companion. Visit our shop to view our ever-expanding collection of customizable pet urns and memorials. Our collection of urns are made with love with special wood options, sizes, and colors to capture your pet’s personality.

Bff Urns did a wonderful job with Sophie’s memorial urn. When I saw the purple and the glitter, I knew this was the perfect match for my Sophie. Having her name engraved on top added a touch of dignity to her memorial.

I knew I wanted something special but I didn’t want a typical square urn. Mike suggested one of Bff Urns round urns and I fell in love with it. I asked Mike if it was possible to get Mitsey’s name added to it. Mike suggested adding Mitsey’s paw print to it since he had made ink paw prints of Mitsey’s paw. I now have the perfect memorial for Mitsey who I greatly miss. Thank you.

– Rose

It was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something different and these colors were a perfect memorial for my pet’s memorial.

Connie, North Carolina

Tortillas save freezing Texas dog

They now call him Taco.

A San Antonio woman made multiple attempts to rescue a dog she found wandering the snow-filled streets of Texas. When all else failed, she realized she had one last idea: use tortillas.

Kristin Salinas-Labrador, 28, was coming back from work when she saw a black Labrador on the road and immediately pulled over. Though she wanted to get near him, the dog was too afraid. Remembering her wife told her earlier that day to bring tortillas home, she was able to break those into pieces to slowly lure him inside the car, an encounter captured by WOAI.

After placing several pieces in the car, she was able to lure the dog in the back seat. While all this is happening, she was calling her partner, Nicole Salinas-Labrador, 30, who encouraged her to bring the dog back home.

Read the full story here.

By Cynthia Silva



Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

Winter is here! Cold weather can be just as dangerous as hot weather and can pose very serious threats to your pets’ well-being.

Here are five BFF Urns tips to keep your pets safe during cold weather:

dog in snowKnow your pets’ limits. Playing in the snow is fun, but don’t overdo it! Too much time in the snow can lead to hypothermia, frostbite, injury, or even death. If your pet suffers from arthritis or is elderly, they may have a hard time walking in snow and could easily slip or fall in icy conditions. Dogs with thicker coats are usually more tolerant of chillier temperatures, like the Husky, but our short-haired and short-legged companions, like the Chihuahua, are less-tolerant and need more protection on their skin, paws, and bellies. Pets who suffer from diabetes, kidney disease, and other ailments may have a hard time regulating their temperature. If you have questions regarding your pet’s temperature limits, please give your veterinarian a call.

Keep your pets inside and limit outside activity. Just because your dog is full of fluff doesn’t mean that they’re more resilient. Like humans, our pet companions can also suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. Your pets’ tail, paws, and ears are most vulnerable. No pet should be left outside, ever!

Golden Retrievers playing in the snowPaw Check! After spending time outside, check your pets’ paws to make sure there are no signs of cracking or bleeding. Before and after spending time outside, apply specially formulated balm, like Musher’s Secret, to moisturize and protect your pets’ paw pads from the elements. To reduce snow and ice accumulation, keep paw hair and nails trimmed. Deicers, antifreeze, and other chemicals used on the roadway can be toxic, so make sure you give your pets a good wipe down with a warm washcloth when they come back inside. Try to encourage your neighbors to use pet-safe deicers!

Stay away from the ice and watch your step! Not only can you and your pet companion slip and fall, but you could also end up in a deadly situation if you fall through a pond, lake, or another water source.

Bang on the hood. Warm vehicle engines are a deadly heat source for feral or outdoor cats. Bang the hood to make sure a friendly feline isn’t taking a nap on your engine.

Stay warm and safe everyone! – the BFF Urns team BFF Urns Site Icon

Why losing a pet hurts so much.

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